Kia ora,

I’m Jean Allison, Resonance Healer, Teacher and Conscious Communication Trainer/Mediator

Over the last few years I have held in-person workshops, courses and seminars, helping clients to release the past, come into the present, and create the future using powerful individualised tools and strategies.

Now, in order to help more people outside my home of New Zealand, I have taken my effective methods online and created tailored guided and self-guided courses and workshops for schools (teachers and students) and individuals of all walks of life.

I’m here to support you as you release patterns that no longer serve you, helping you step into a space of greater satisfaction, connection and purpose in your life. Please reach out for a chat to learn more.

You are in the right place if you are…

✓ ready to move beyond unresolved conflict, old communication habits and patterns of being that keep you stuck.
✓ ready to move forward with skills to connect with yourself and others, and create conscious relationships.
✓ an educator looking to implement trauma informed practices to support teacher / student wellbeing and positive behaviour for learning.
✓ middle or senior management wanting to support and deepen inter and intra communication skills and relationality in your staff and students and create a thriving (interdependent)community
✓ a teacher wanting to help your students understand, and nurture the emotional wellbeing of themselves and others through a trauma informed lens.
✓ stuck in conflict and are searching for compassionate mediation for resolution.

The Services I offer

Coaching and Courses for Schools and Teachers

Through the Dialogue Road Map (DRM) training and embodying key understandings in relational-neuroscience, I experienced the transformational power of using intentional, compassionate language and resonance skills. The coaching programmes and Self-guided courses I’ve developed help students and their teachers, parents or carers feel more connected and regulated.

Guided Courses

Based in relational neuroscience and resonant language skills, along with learning how to use conversations for connection, helping everyone thrive in the classroom and kura.

Currently Available:

Self-Guided Courses

Self-guided resonance based and trauma informed mindfulness programmes to support the wellbeing of teachers.

For team/group bookings please Contact

Current Courses:

1 : 1 Coaching

One to One Coaching can be added to any of the courses to deepen your experience or booked on its own to deep healing for your emotional wellbeing, develop confidence & emotional resilience.

Single Sessions or saver blocks of 3 or 5 are available.

Conscious Communication for Individuals

The coaching programmes and Self-guided courses I’ve developed help individuals feel more connected and regulated.


Guided trauma-informed and resonance based live session workshops for everyone who needs something something what.

Upcoming Workshops:

Guided Courses

Live online programmes developed using …… you work with Jean as you learn and heal in community with others who are embracing togetherness and a different way of being on this planet.

Currently Available:

Self-Guided Courses

Working at your own pace, the trauma-informed programs are based on relational neuro-science and the incredible healing power of resonance, and will guide you into a kinder inner world seeped in self-compassion and belief.

Current Courses:

The Dialogue Road Map is about learning to listen and connect. Conversations for connection are mana-enhancing for everybody.

Jean Allison

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