Jean Allison – Resonant Healer, Teacher and Conscious Communication Trainer

I’ve been training and teaching in wellbeing and psychology since long before I became a primary school teacher around 25 years ago.

Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated by our ways of communication – outwards and inwards – and how words and language can connect or divide us.

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My experience

I’ve worked as a teacher and leader in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas, including a role in a tough inner-city school in London where I led a large team of teachers and support staff on the social and emotional aspects of learning in challenging classrooms.

This led me to the Centre for Peaceful Solutions, where I trained in a communication method called the Dialogue Road Map (DRM). This powerful yet peaceful process incorporates non-violent communication to resolve differences and conflict.

What I do

In both teaching and my DRM training I experienced the transformational power of using intentional, compassionate language and mindfulness. The programmes I’ve developed help students and their teachers, parents and their children feel more connected and regulated. This led me to to focus more of my own work on helping others learn about peaceful communication.

I believe that we all want to be known and accepted by ourselves and those around us.

It’s my honour and privilege to support you as you learn how to use resonant language and relational neuroscience to make your inner world a safe and compassionate place to be, and to develop skills that will help you express yourself truly and connect more deeply with others.

“You are not your past. You can create your future. Our world changes when we do."

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