Saturday, 24th August @ 10am – 3pm

Brain Spa Day

Join Jean for a day of nourishing your brain and spirit back into a sense of wholeness and warmth…a day of deep replenishment.

If you’re worried about burnout and finding there isn’t enough ‘weekend’ for really nourishing rest, I invite you to join me for an retreat day (online) that combines my foundational teachings into one experiential deep-dive to replenish your brain and being.

Kia ora!

Jean’s Brain Spa Day is a day of nourishing your brain and spirit back into a sense of wholeness and warmth.

An entire day of being seen and understood for who you are, as you learn and heal in a community of others who are also hungry for togetherness and a different way of being on this planet.

This intensive workshop offers a unique opportunity to experience what happens in our brains when we get to be steeped in resonant healing community, guided by Jean’s warmth and knowledge.

I hope you can join us.
Ngā mihi

Workshop Outcomes

Experience the incredible impact of resonance, deep rest and calming of your nervous system.

Nourish your brain and spirit back into a sense of wholeness and warmth.

Experience the healing transformation of togetherness

Learn powerful tools for turning towards yourself with warmth and understanding.

Similar to a retreat, you will feel as if you’ve been dipped into a world of possibility for connection with yourself and others.

Recharge, renourish and replenish yourself.

“I always feel grounded and peaceful after working with Jean. She has an amazing way of listening to me and what I’m saying and I feel so accepted and understood. I’ve been able to uncover some big blocks and make significant changes in my life.”

~ Penny L (Assistant Head of Pastoral Care, Shangai)

“Working with Jean feels really safe. She has helped me see the best in myself, the parts of myself that I couldn’t see before because of the way I was feeling about myself. She’s deeply compassionate and caring and I’m really grateful to have found her.”

~ Janine M. (Teacher NZ)


Saturday, 24th August
10am – 3pm


NZD $179

Dear Tired,

You’re right, I can be long and challenging and I’m so pleased you’ve asked how you can take better care of yourself.

It sounds like the batteries of your brain have run down and are worn out and you wish you had a way to recharge, renourish and replenish yourself, so that you could experience life from a place of fullness. I have the solution.

Imagine a spa day in-person healing retreat where your entire being gets nourished: fresh juice and smoothies, hot stone massages, relaxing social engagement, beautiful vistas, yoga classes, trauma-healing process work.

I hope you will join me on Saturday, August the 24th at 10am – 3pm

Your Guide

Your Guide

My name is Jean and I have been involved in Primary Education across the world for over 25 years.

I am passionate about supporting the emotional wellbeing of our teachers and children, by creating and sharing powerful tools and strategies incorporating relational neuroscienceresonant language and somatic experiencing to promote empathycompassion and self-worth.

I believe that we all want to be known and accepted by ourselves and those around us.

It’s my honour and privilege to support you as you learn how to use resonant language and relational neuroscience to make your inner world a safe and compassionate place to be, and to develop skills that will help you express yourself truly and connect more deeply with others.

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