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Our workshops focus on team-building and conversations for connection that help everyone feel seen, heard and understood.

The focus is on peaceful solutions for compassionate connections and conflict resolution. Perhaps your team is in a cycle of mistrust where messages are often misconstrued, met with dismissal or disdain.

Our sessions are a great addition to your staff or leadership development programme, with content designed for what you or your team needs. We achieve this by helping people identify how they feel and what they need, move into a communication model of non-judgement, while growing empathy skills that lead to self-agency and win-win situations.

concept of teamwork where 5 multi ethnic hands each hold a cog together.making up the idea of many cogs make the machine run

“A lot of interactions are judgement-based and leave people with less mana, or feelings of embarrassment or shame. This way of communicating is mana-enhancing for everybody.“

Jean Allison

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