4-week Guided Course

Introduction to the Trauma Informed Classroom

Combining key understanding in conscious communication, relational neuro-science to create foundational tools for the Trauma Informed Classroom.

Bringing you foundational skills based in relational neuro-science, this course is designed to teach key concepts in head-brain and body-brain science, the impact of trauma on the brain and how conscious communication can literally change the neural pathways in our brains.

Back to school. A group of schoolchildren with backpacks walk along the school corridor during recess.


The challenges in our classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse, and we know that traditional ‘power over’ and ‘punative’ approaches are shame inducing and don’t support the social and emotional development of our tamariki (students).

Over the course of 4 weeks, we’ll explore key understandings in how our brains work from a relational-neuroscience perspective, the power of conscious communication and why it’s key to resolving conflict, why we are the way we are and how, through neuroplasticity, we can literally rewire our brains so that they become kinder places to live and help our inter and intra relationships to flourish, and of course, how all of this can be applied in the classroom!


Operate from a place of deep understanding rather than frustration.

Co-create with your students, a wellbeing space based in the science of resonance.

Develop practical tools to navigate ‘tricky’ situations.

Move from ineffective punative practices to the empowerment of compassionate practices.

Understand why traditional mindfulness and ‘positive outlook’ tools aren’t working.

Clarity on how to grow the neural pathways of compassion to lessen the impacts of anxiety, depression and other wellbeing challenges our tamariki are experiencing.

“I always feel grounded and peaceful after working with Jean. She has an amazing way of listening to me and what I’m saying and I feel so accepted and understood. I’ve been able to uncover some big blocks and make significant changes in my life.”

~ Penny L (Assistant Head of Pastoral Care, Shangai)

“Working with Jean feels really safe. She has helped me see the best in myself, the parts of myself that I couldn’t see before because of the way I was feeling about myself. She’s deeply compassionate and caring and I’m really grateful to have found her.”

~ Janine M. (Teacher NZ)

Live Session Dates:

Thursday, 1st August 7pm
Thursday, 8th August 7pm
Thursday, 15th August 7pm
Thursday, 22nd August 7pm


NZD $197

Contact Jean for discounted group, team or school registrations

Do you long for a deeper understanding of the ‘why’ of behaviour?

Are you curious about creating a conscious, compassionate classroom?

Would you like to support tamariki (students) to develop a deep understanding of themselves and others and give them the skill of how to communicate their emotions effectively?

Are you ready to understand and move into a space of co-creating a classroom build on compassion and respect?

Teach tamariki (students) how to recognise triggers, apply new tools to support a return to emotional regulation and conflict resolution?

What's Inside

Back to school. A group of schoolchildren with backpacks walk along the school corridor during recess.
Week 1 (Aug, 1st) - Introduction to trauma, the brain and relational neuroscience
  • Key understandings about trauma and the brain.
  • How to use language to de-escalate triggers.
Week 2 (Aug, 8th) - Understanding the body brain and its role in behaviour
  • Key understanding about trauma and the nervous system.
  • How to recognise triggers and support a return to emotional regulation.
Week 3 (Aug, 15th) - Exploring Conscious Communication and its impact on our nervous system
  • Understandings of the relational neuroscience of language and the brain.
  • Learn how to communicate emotions effectively.
Week 4 (Aug, 22nd) - Deepening brain understandings, practical applications for the classroom
  • An introduction to attachment and the brain.
  • Tools for conflict resolution.

Your Guide

Your Guide

My name is Jean and I have been involved in Primary Education across the world for over 25 years.

I am passionate about supporting the emotional wellbeing of our teachers and children, by creating and sharing powerful tools and strategies incorporating relational neuroscienceresonant language and somatic experiencing to promote empathycompassion and self-worth.

I believe that we all want to be known and accepted by ourselves and those around us.

It’s my honour and privilege to support you as you learn how to use resonant language and relational neuroscience to make your inner world a safe and compassionate place to be, and to develop skills that will help you express yourself truly and connect more deeply with others.

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