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Jean Allison Coaching

The Jean Allison Coaching approach is based on relational neuroscience, relationship and compassion, embodying gentle awareness and acknowledgment of self, embracing your authenticity and living with deeper sense of self-acceptance and understanding of how to create lasting change.

Resonance healing helps you tune in and listen to yourself without judgement, and overcome habits like negative self-talk.

I’ll guide you as we explore and release patterns of being that are holding you back, opening to a space of deep self-connection, purpose and passion. This type of mindfulness journey helps you connect to and express yourself with more confidence and self-awareness.

If you feel unheard in conversations at home and work, overwhelmed by negative self-talk, or irritated and sad, it’s time to look inwards and ask yourself what’s going on.

Together we’ll explore and release the past, come into the present and create the future using powerful individualised tools and strategies based in the relational neuroscience and say Farewell to worn-out and overwhelmed, hello inner peace and calm.

Buddha statue

We’re exquisitely built for connection and nothing works as well to calm our nervous systems.

“I wholeheartedly recommend working with Jean. Over the twelve months we worked together I consistently found Jean to be an open-hearted, skilled listener and coach, who always brought a calming, kind and supportive energy into the space. I think everyone would benefit from time with her.”

Dr Govinda Clayton ~ Senior Researcher in Peace Processes ~ ETH Zurich

Illustration of a black hand holding the half moon and wording: We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are

I can help you…

🌿 Move through your fears and doubts enabling you to lead a rich, more fulfilling and purposeful life.
🌿 Overcome limiting beliefs that have stopped you in the past.
🌿 Obtain clarity about and replace recycling negative patterns which are running at a subconscious level and controlling your life.
🌿 Develop a deeper sense of compassion and connection to yourself and those around you.
🌿 Connect with life-enhancing positive beliefs which are accessed from your innate inner wisdom.
🌿 Identify your life path and discover your authentic self.
🌿 Develop more compassion for yourself and learn habits of mindfulness and self-inquiry that will keep you on track.
🌿 Release patterns of being that no longer serve you, helping you step into a space of greater satisfaction, connection and purpose in your life.

Session & Bundles

These empowering sessions use a heart-centred, resonant approach. Jean will gently guide & support you as gain clarity, understanding and direction. Sessions bought in bundles must be used within 3 months form the purchase date.

Purchase your session/s before booking your coaching dates here.

Single Coaching Session 1 x 60mins

Begin working with the powerful therapeutic process to bring awareness and compassion to current challenges.

Once purchased please book your preferred coaching date in the calendar.

NZD $97

Bundle of 3 (3 x 60mins)

Ensuring that you get enough support and follow up to see real change. The bundle can be repeated as often as necessary, as new insights are formed.

(needs to be used within 3 months)

NZD $287

Bundle of 5 (5 x 60mins)

A commitment to our work together, to following through on your transformational tools and insights, to move towards a meaningful and purposeful life.

(needs to be used within 3 month)

NZD $497

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